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6 Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Old Toddlers

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Do you have an upcoming birthday for a one-year-old in your life? I am a mother to a toddler, and here are my suggestions if you are looking for toddler gifts. These are the toys my son loves and has played with many times.

These are mama+ toddler recommended toys, created by Tamsin.
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This is a roundup of all the toys mentioned in this post, with quick links to take you to their sections below.

Toddler Toy Car Red Yellow
Toys for 1 year old toddlers

Waterpark Play Table

Great for summer play outdoors, this waterpark table will provide endless fun for toddlers who love to play with water. They can pour water and the squishy balls (that come with it) down the central spout, spin the ball holders, and splash the water to their heart’s desire!

Ball Pit & Tunnels

Who doesn’t love a good ball pit? This one has multiple tunnels, ball pits, a tent, a net, windows, and a scoreboard for throwing balls at (similar to a darts board).

Toddler playing in a ball pit tunnels with net and tent structure.

Toy Car

A classic Little Tikes car. There is a removable plate that can be used to rest your child’s feet onto so that you can push them around in the car (before they are old enough to do it themselves). There is a safety lock on the door to help prevent them from falling out too. The horn beeps and the ignition key clicks as it is rotated.

Toddler Toy Car Red Yellow

Hammer & Nails

A simple yet enjoyable toy and I love the tactile smooth corners and colors!

Toys for 1 year old toddlers

Xylophone & Ball Hammer Toy

This one is pretty smart, with hammers and balls that fall to create music. A fun interactive musical toy!

Football & Basket Ball

Interactive football/soccer and basketball net with an interactive display. When the ball goes into either net there will be music and celebration from the audio and on the display.

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