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Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

For babies, age 6 months and older, here is my round-up of toys they may enjoy! My toddler loved these. These toys help to aid their physical and mental growth.

This is a mama-tired-and-tested baby gear review created by me, Tamsin.
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Shape Sorter & Ring Stacker

Play and learn with colors and shapes, helping to further develop hand-eye coordination.

Walker & Interactive Play

A toy that can help aid them in learning to stand, walk and a whole array of interactive toys to enjoy while sitting. The interactive panel is removable. There’s a swing door, keyboard, rotating cogs, color shapes, buttons, telephone, and spinning rings. Create music and play music.

Walker, Ride, and Play

A toy that can help them with learning to walk, sit and ride. The keys around the lion’s mane aid them in learning numbers. Then you can feed the lion a ball, and it will seemingly eat it!

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